Tarot Reading with the Gilded Tarot – Wednesday 29th August 2012

This morning I feel inspired to do a short Tarot reading with my favourite deck, the Gilded Tarot. We are fast approaching the second full moon of the month, which will be one of those rare and fascinating Blue Moon events. The energy is swirling in a crazy, excitable mass this week, and I know it is all part of the 2012 shift in consciousness. Everything is changing. We are all seeing our lives altered in some way. Today I asked for a reading to represent our lives at this time.

The cards that showed themselves were the Nine of Wands, the Four of Cups and the Three of Pentacles. I am reading them as representing morning, noon, and night in our day. We begin the day with the Nine of Wands, feeling overwhelmed. There are lots of responsibilities weighing us down. We have to work, we have families to provide for, we have chores to complete. The summer holiday is almost at an end, schools are due back shortly, and the daily grind continues.

It isn’t all doom and gloom, however. By early afternoon, according to the Four of Cups, we should reconsider our situations. There seems to be a general attitude of self-pity and depression around the world, due in large part to the widely publicized global financial crisis. Nobody has enough money to live on, there are fewer jobs, and people are struggling. Or are we? I think not. It is time for us to remember where we came from. We always survive, no matter how bad the odds. There is always a solution to a problem, even if it is an alternative way to deal with it. Lighten up!

By evening we should start to cheer up. The Three of Pentacles is here to remind us that we are heading in the right direction. Our plans may not always work out as we expect, but they usually throw up a bit of adventure, or some drama to keep us entertained. If we work hard at our craft, whatever that may be, we can succeed in our personal missions. Everyone has a different idea of success or attainment. We can all achieve those goals if we support each other and put in the necessary work. Life is good!

If you liked that reading and you are around the North West UK this weekend, come and see me in Stockport at the Mind, Body and Spirit event hosted by Rosemary Douglas. I can offer you a personal, comprehensive reading accompanied with Oracle cards, and you can see my Redcliffe novels…


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