Preparing for a Spiritual Retreat and Shamanic Sound Healing

I am very excited. Actually, I am so excited I can barely contain myself!

Next weekend I will participate in my very first spiritual retreat session. I will be away from home for two whole days, with no parental or familial responsibility. This is the opportunity for me to reconnect with our Great Mother, and spend time with like-minded spiritual friends.

The weekend is also a training course in Sound Healing therapy, utilizing traditional shamanic methods that have been passed from tribe to tribe throughout the ages. Facilitated by the Highland Seer, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, it promises to be an amazing experience.

My sister has already attended the Calling several times and she is ecstatic that I can finally join her. My earlier attempts were thwarted by ‘accidentally’ getting pregnant and starting a family with my husband, along with publishing my first novel, and writing the second and third. I don’t do things by halves!

So, I am feeling all spiritual and happy this week. The energy is calling me, and I cannot wait to cross the threshold and be with Spirit and Mother Earth, away from the interference of human life. Who knows what might happen? Apparently there will be a sweat lodge, and lots of music and dancing round a huge bonfire. And I am certain I will return home with a notebook full of new story ideas, and lots of diary entries to share about my experiences. Fabulous!

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3 Responses to Preparing for a Spiritual Retreat and Shamanic Sound Healing

  1. scskillman says:

    It sounds fascinating and I shall look forward to your account of your experiences!

  2. It must’ve been a great experience for you. We also offer spiritual retreat sessions, particularly for the Jewish communities. It’s a great way for people to step back from reality for a little while and get comfortable with their spiritual side.

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