This is a topic that is of growing importance to me every day, as I watch my daughter develop and grow. I am even starting to wonder whether I want her to go to school or not. I will certainly not force her to worry about silly exams at a young age. Release your imagination! Live in the moment. Embrace your dreams and free you mind!

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A long time ago, back when I was harboring dream – which I still have to this day – of running my own freelancing business, I interviewed a respected University Lecturer and Author on this very subject, and drafted up a rather decent article about it. Sadly, no publications I approached were interested in it. (Oh how much I have learned since then.) So here it is in post form. Why? Because it is actually a topic I believe strongly in, and something that I have seen people getting annoyed about, and even taking medicinal steps to stop it.

I am a dreamer. I always have been and always will be. I find it all too easy to just drift off into a day-dream somewhere. I have always been like that. As long as I can remember at least. I used to sit on the bus to and from school for…

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