Love those Vampires and Werewolves!

“Love those Vampires and Werewolves!” – Join me on Wednesday March 7th for the Coffee Time Romance Chatters e-Loop, 15:00 – 17:00EST (20:00 – 22:00 BST)
I will be hosting an e-loop chat with Coffee Time Romance to promote my paranormal romance series ‘The Redcliffe Novels.’ I will run a competition to win a signed paperback copy of my debut novel ‘Love Hurts.’  Join me if you love vampires and werewolves in all their manifestations, where we can talk about our love for these often-misunderstood creatures of the night…

About SpookyMrsGreen

Catherine Green: The Pagan Housewife. Join my tribe, and I will send you a fabulous FREE book from my Redcliffe novels British paranormal series!
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