The Lone Spiritual Journey

We are living in enlightened times. That is what people are saying, and what society would like to believe. But recent events seem to show a different story. Yes, we have abolished slavery. Well, apart from what was recently seen on the news where a number of homeless people had been taken off the streets and set to work in a hidden camp in Bedfordshire, England.

People are free to live their own lives, hold their own belief systems. But they must do this quietly. They can argue, and fight, and defend their religions and customs, but there is always somebody else ready to dispute what they believe in.  This is evident in many countries around the world, especially those where the dictatorship is or has been overthrown.

June Morning Sky

I would like to raise an issue that is closer to home, something that I am familiar with. I was raised as a Christian. We went to church every Sunday, we attended weddings and christenings in the religious institutions, we did what was expected of white, working class families in the UK. As I grew older the church visits stopped, we lost interest in religion, and it was never really an issue.

Last year I got married. My husband and I had a civil ceremony. He was raised Catholic and I was Church of England, but since neither of us actively practiced our religions, it seemed hypocritical to get married in a church. Indeed, for my own part, I have drifted away from Christianity as I have discovered other belief systems.

Walking Between Worlds

And here lies the loneliness. I feel an affinity with the Pagan tradition. I am not a witch, but I do feel drawn to the practice of Wicca, maybe in the future. I do not want to label myself, and yet I feel I am in need of an identity. Humans must assign names and labels to things, I think as a way of making sense from them.

But I feel I am not currently living as my true self. I am acting the part of the ‘normal’ housewife and mother, and the occasional writer. I cannot find a group of people locally with whom to practice my interests. I have tried a local Spiritualist church but it didn’t quite fit. I tried a local meditation circle, but again, this was run by a Spiritualist priest, and it wasn’t for me.


So where do I go? What do I do? I keep searching. Through the wonders of social networking I have discovered many like-minded people, and am making great friends around the world. But in my immediate social circles I still feel trapped, oppressed, and even afraid to show my true self. I feel like I have to justify what I believe or how I behave, and this should not happen.

There is a prophecy that great things are to happen in 2012. I believe this is true, and that somehow I will be instrumental in this change, at least in my part of the world. There will not be an apocalypse, or major disaster. We have witnessed several huge changes in the world this year alone, all of which help to shape the ideologies and beliefs of the people involved. This will continue as a spiritual social change in 2012, and maybe then, people will finally start to allow others to live their own lives without fear of persecution.

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