Knowing What You Want (Law of Attraction)

There are lots of self-help books, internet forums, organized workshops and other activities designed to help people get what they want from life. Recently I have been following a few discussions on a popular professional social networking site. Here there are people asking questions about aspects of their business, in terms of generating clients and subsequent income. It seems to me that there are a lot of small businesses out there who are struggling to sell their products or services.


The easy answer to this is that we are still struggling with the effects of a recession, that many people have no disposable income, and various other related reasons. But it got me thinking about the theory of manifesting what you want, and using the Law of Attraction (LOA). Some independent business owners are asking for advice on how to improve their turnover by attracting more customers. These professionals have done all of the necessary promotional work. They have a web presence, are using the word-of-mouth method, they are attending trade shows and associated events for their particular specialist service.

Yet these people are telling me and others that they cannot attract enough customers or clients to provide a decent turnover for their business. This query caught my attention because I too am struggling. I have recently published my first novel and have been chasing every local newspaper and relevant media outlet to advertise. I have been telling people about my work, and I am spending a lot of time online using social networks, blogs and forums to both advertise and learn about how to handle my business.

How to Unlock your Potential and Stop Unhealthy Behaviours

But I have a second interest that I would like to turn professional. This is slightly more difficult for me to market because at present I cannot articulate the service I offer. I take this to mean that I am not quite ready to ‘go professional’ but I know that it is imminent. Quite simply, I am a Tarot reader. I don’t simply read the cards however. I am guided by Spirit, and I also use Oracle cards alongside.

I would like to call myself a spiritual counsellor, because I have always been something of an agony aunt in my social circles. People naturally seem to come to me for a shoulder to cry on, or for a sympathetic ear. They very often ask my advice because they know that I will not dictate, and that I won’t necessarily expect them to do what I say. But I have no medical qualifications. I am fascinated  by psychology, and am soon to enrol on a university accredited course to further my qualifications.


I am more than capable of acting as a counsellor, but am worried about the legal implications. Therefore at the moment I am simply a Tarot reader, and that is where my query about Law of Attraction comes in. I wanted to be a Tarot reader. I wanted to be a Medium all my life. Now that I finally realise my capabilities, I am still learning about my journey. What do I want next? What do I wish to manifest?

I call upon the Law of Attraction to bring clients to me. And not just any clients. I want to see clients who are genuine in their approach and who will listen to my advice if they really want to. I am ready to take the next step, to call myself a professional, and to help people innocently and freely. My professional education continues as it is an ongoing process. But now it feels that I have sorted out my intentions, and I am actively working towards achieving my goals. And for anybody out there who is thinking the same thing about their own business, maybe you could give it a go. Just be clear, know what you want at any given time. Show that you are working towards achieving it and it will happen.

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1 Response to Knowing What You Want (Law of Attraction)

  1. hope318 says:

    I agree about The Law of Attraction is what you want in life. I am reading Napoleon Hill on Think and Grow Rich and listening to The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill etc. I got into this when I had diabetes. I am cured from diabetes. Is that great? How it made a positive difference in my life. You can tell I never blog before. After reading and listening to Napoleon Hill my life has changed. I joined GIN after reading Nature Cure by Kevin Trudeau. He sent some CD it contain 13 CD – Your Wish is Your Command. He is right you can heal yourself with the right attitude and natural herbs. In this world they sale fast food and quick food in a can and box or frozen. Our body is made for this type of process foods. I could get deep into small business but that another story.

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