A Summer Wedding Party

It has been a very busy Bank Holiday weekend. We have attended a wedding, a birthday meal, I have spent the day out with my sister, and we have visited family members. The wedding was a lovely day. It was very relaxed, because the bride and groom had been married the previous week in a quiet ceremony with close family. This weekend was their party to celebrate, and they certainly did that!

The venue was a beautiful farm hidden away in rural Stockport, Greater Manchester. We were in a tearoom that had been booked for the private party, and it was a lovely rustic building, with lots of wooden beams and country cottage appeal.

I had been a little apprehensive because this was a wedding for my husband’s work colleague, and I was finally allowed to meet and socialize with some of his fellow colleagues from the office (we don’t go out much!). They really are a lovely bunch of people, to say it the Northern way. I was adopted as an honorary office girl, which seemed rather nostalgic since my office days are now over a year behind me.

It was actually quite nice to be away from the responsibilities of motherhood for a day. This was the first time I left my daughter with her grandparents, so I was worried about missing her. I did, but she was happy and eventually I managed to relax. The food was excellent, there was a fabulous chocolate fountain which I took full advantage of, and we spent a good few hours dancing. The DJ played a great mix of songs, and he was quick to pick up on the audience preference so he could fill the dance floor. I was very impressed.

One thing I noticed with amusement was how people seemed to line the dance floor in a circle rather than fill it. We all subconsciously backed up against the walls and faced each other. Now whether this is the old stereotypical polite British way, or whether everyone was just very self-conscious, I don’t know. Eventually, however, more people joined us, we loosened up, and by the end of the night there was no circle, and no space in the middle of the dance floor. It was an excellent day.


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