A Redcliffe Update

I have been excitedly promoting my book wherever I see fit just lately. My most recent success was to have the book stocked in www.nantwichbooks.co.uk

It is so vitally important to retain our local independent booksellers, and so I hope to develop a working relationship with these lovely people as my stories develop.

My father-in-law is proving a great publicist, having sold my book to various extended family members, friends, neighbours, and colleagues. I knew there was a reason I married my husband (Only joking Darling!)

I am working away slowly on the sequel to Love Hurts which will see Jessica struggle with her feelings towards Danny, the forbidden brother, while living a human life for Liz and her baby. There will be more secrets to spill, more danger and intrigue, and possibly a lot more passion…

And finally, I am also working on a separate novel called The Darkness of Love which tells the story of how Marcus Scott came to be a vampire. I have been told that this may fit the popular Steampunk genre but we will wait and see for the final outcome, as the book keeps surprising me whenever I return to it…


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Catherine Green: The Pagan Housewife. Join my tribe, and I will send you a fabulous FREE book from my Redcliffe novels British paranormal series set in Cornwall! https://claims.instafreebie.com/free/H11nk
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