The Fruits of My Labour

I was very frustrated to return home from a rare shopping trip on Wednesday, to discover a card from Royal Mail advising me that a parcel had arrived and was now languishing at the sorting office in the next town. I knew this parcel contained the first copies of my novel, in paperback, all shiny and new and waiting for me to enjoy. Typical!

Having given up my car temporarily while we organize our finances, I had to wait until this morning when I could take my husband’s car, and collect my parcel. I could have taken the bus, but it would have meant walking for quite a distance along busy roads on an industrial estate, which I didn’t want to do with my baby in tow.

Well, I finally collected my parcel, took it home, carefully opened the perforated cardboard package, and what a beautiful site…my name on the front cover of a novel which I wrote, and was deemed marketable by a publishing house who invested in me. I am so proud!

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2 Responses to The Fruits of My Labour

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on the book, though I can’t help but feel you’re being somewhat fleeced by your publisher. Taking a look on their site, it seems you paid them to publish you rather than vice versa, and I honestly feel you’ve been cheated because apart from listing you on two sites, there seems to be nothing which they’re planning on doing to market you. I do hope the book is a success and you recoup your costs, but I do hope people do not choose to go with Mirador Publishing in the future given their business model.

    • Thank you for your comment but I personally am quite happy with the service I received. Since I am new to the industry and have a lot to learn, I feel that Mirador have given me the starting point I needed. Another large publisher offer me a contract with their self-publishing imprint, at a cost of £2000, and that was totally unattainable. With Mirador I have received guidance and tutoring throughout the editing and publishing process, which is just as important as the marketing. The nature of publishing has changed enormously over the years, and since I am a new, unknown author, agents and publishers alike were not prepared to invest in me in the beginning. Therefore I have taken an alternative route, which isn’t completely self-publishing, but is a compromise. Once again, thank you for your support.

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