Daily Tarot Reading

Cover of "The Gilded Tarot"

Cover of The Gilded Tarot

Gilded Tarot, career and financial guidance for people who are feeling trapped and want to take the next step forward

FIRST CARD: Seven of Wands

SECOND CARD: Nine of Pentacles

THIRD CARD: Wheel of Fortune

FOURTH CARD: Page of Cups

FIFTH CARD: King of Cups

SIXTH CARD: The Hanging Man

SEVENTH CARD: Six of Pentacles

EIGHTH CARD: Seven of Cups

Don’t be so defensive. If you never share anything, then people will avoid you. If you wish to network you need to communicate. See the beauty around you and not the grotesque.

You are a cog in a very important machine, but do not belittle your current position, for it is vital. You are young and naïve but can learn from an older person of authority whom you respect.

Do not be critical of yourself. The wealth is there for the taking if you find the right benefactor.

There are several choices to be made, and each at the right time on your life journey. You will know when these opportunities arrive.

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