Quick, she’s asleep!

I find myself becoming very excited when my baby daughter falls asleep at home during the day. Finally I can do some work! But where to start? The house needs cleaning, the clothes need washing, the dog wants a walk, and my stories need to be written! Oh it is a juggling act, and that’s just with one child and a dog. My deepest admiration for you writers with multiple children who still manage to update your blogs and complete your work in a reasonable time-frame.

Now, back to the editing before she wakes up… (housework can wait!)


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2 Responses to Quick, she’s asleep!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have an understanding wife thankfully, and while we divide the housework pretty much 50/50, I am sure the evenings I spend behind the computer at times drive her crazy. Not to mention the horror related questions I ask just before bed time. Keep going and you will get it all done. Just remember that sometime… housework can wait (writing can’t ha)

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